Our Story

Like many of us, I had a dream to do what I love. In my case that was to become a professional photographer and a small business owner. In 2014 I took the leap and founded Magnolia Lane Media in Fort Wayne, Indiana.


Fort Wayne presented one major obstacle to our business model. At that time, many realtors were taking their own photos and did not understand the value of using a professional photographer. Through hard work, dedication and persistence it did not take long for Magnolia Lane Media to become successful in Fort Wayne. Within a year we were proud to count more than 30 realtors as clients. Working hand in hand with these business partners we were able to accomplish some spectacular results. Realtors were realizing greatly increased traffic on listings by using our media. Our products were helping agents and FSBO listers distinguish themselves from the monotony of blasé photographs on listing sites.


2015 and 2016 brought plenty of excitement and change for our family. Shortly after the birth of our first child, my spouse was rewarded with consecutive promotions which ultimately landed us in the Chicago area. After much searching, we found and fell in love with Elmhurst and it’s vibrant community. Elmhurst is an idyllic place to raise a family and we look forward to many decades of love and growth here.


I am very excited to be open for business in the Elmhurst and Chicago markets. The opportunities to meet new clients, photograph fantastic listings, and grow my business are boundless. I look forward to making your acquaintance and helping you reach your sales goals.


Bradley has more than 25 years of photography experience, 15 years of sales experience, and a lifetimes worth of adventure from which to draw inspiration.
Proud owner of Magnolia Lane Media.

Bradley Jaynes


A good dog.

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“Why should I pay you for photos that I can take myself?”

Some say the company you keep reflects upon your character. In a similar manner, professionals are often judged by the quality and content of their work. One does not have to look further than the world of sales for the proof, and more specifically the world of real estate.


When homebuyers have the budget and the desire for high-quality homes, they expect the same quality from both their realtor and the marketing of the home. Just as they appoint their homes with fine furniture and decorations, the photography of their potential new home needs to exhibit the same standard of quality. A homebuyer’s first impression of a property almost always is created from photographs.


Homebuyers have many options to search for homes in this digital age: Zillow, MLS, Realtor.com, Trulia, and FSBO just to name a few. After looking at only a few listings, a homebuyer has set the standard to what a nice home looks like to them. Unknowingly to the buyer, the listing agents have shaped this perception with the content of their listing, namely through the photographs posted with the listing.


While nearly everyone has a camera for snapshots, people need professional quality photos when they will be shown to an important audience, namely a client or peer. The Internet has expanded the use of photos, making it possible for anyone to send them or to publish them for wide viewing, so the quality of these photos has never been more important to a realtor.


“In real estate, a picture can be worth more than a thousand words. Much, much more. When selling properties online, agents and Web designers say that the pictures buyers see of houses and apartments for sale are often the first — and sometimes the only — chance for a seller to make a good impression.”

Vivian S. Toy, New York Times
Making Every Pixel Count